Friday, February 20, 2009

"Just a minute...."

My little one is growing up. She turned 8 years old in November, just 2 months after starting public school for the first time. (after homeschooling) She has always been "my baby". We were just plain silly together. We always spent time together... whether we were watching TV, playing cards, reading a book, or whatever... we just loved being together. I still want that.

I remember my favorite time of the day would be mornings. She would come sleepy-eyed into the living room to find me when she woke up. Climb up on my lap... for what we call "some lulu loving". I don't really know where that name came from... but I sure did like it. She would lay in my lap for a good while... until she got hungry enough to want to get up for some breakfast.

Now... I have to go wake her up to get her ready for school. There is no time for "lulu loving". We have to stay on the schedule so that she won't be late for school.

When she first started to school... I could hardly sit in the car-line waiting on her to get out of school. When I would see her headed my way... I would think my heart was just about to explode. She looked like she couldn't wait to get in the car to see me too.

Now... she is anxious to get home and get her homework finished so she can call a friend over to play. Or go to a friends house.

Oh... why do our babies have to grow up??? I don't think I was ready.

Today... my mom picked her up from school. I was on the computer when they came in the door. I heard her go into the living room and turn on the TV. Within a few minutes, I heard her pick up the phone to call over a friend. She didn't run to my lap. My heart ached. I called out to her.... "wait a minute" was her answer. About 5 minutes later.... I called her again... same answer. Finally after about 15 minutes and 3 callings... she came walking in to see me. I got a quick hug and kiss.

I thought about it after she got down and went back to her business.... I wonder how many times I do that to God.

Just a minute... I need to check my email.
Just a minute... I need to put clothes in the washer.
Just a minute... I need to empty the dishwasher.
Just a minute... or probably more... because I need a little more sleep.

I wonder how often He longs to feel me climb up on His lap?? I wonder how often His heart aches when I choose to do something else besides spend time with Him?? I bet plenty!!

To think... God has the same longing in His heart for me that I have for my children is more than I can fathom at times. But He does. He wants to spend time with me. He longs for me to get up in the mornings and climb up in His lap for some "lulu loving". That is the picture I have in my mind right now.... I hope it is still there in the morning. I bet He does too.
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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thought. Isn't it wonderful, how God uses everyday things and actions and routes them back to HIM! Thinking and Praying for you...Ps...before I mailed out the Delight in Him series I made a copy...I have received such a blessing from it...I hope you enjoy it too.


jcdisciple said...

Thanks for sharing this...I believe children are the best gift to help us understand God's love for us. I have grown by leaps and bounds in my relationship with the Lord since having my son.

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharig your lu-lu loving with us. and you are right God is waiting on us too. We are so busy...we put him off too.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I was drawn into your love story with your baby daughter. What a beautiful love. Then, you added the twist of how God views us. Oh, how true. How convicting but so very true. I am so guilty of saying, but this first or just one more thing THEN time with God.

Thank you for this.

Libby said...

You are spot on!
When I was upset I used to always turn away from God, like I was ashamed. Then I realized...when one of our girls gets hurt, the first thing I do is scoop them up in my arms, fix whatever it is, and kiss the hurt away. That's what He wants for us you said He longs to hold us in His arms!!

Love ya girlie!!

HIS Daughter said...

This made me sad for you! Then it made me sad that I have done the same to GOD at times!

I'm especially bad about not giving HIM my best and doing a million things half way.

Pray that I get past Christian ADHD!

Love you,

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

My heart ached feeling those growing pains. They can hurt awful bad!
Unfortunately I know those "wait a minutes" too. I'm definitely workin on that.
You're a blessin Lynn!

Tracy said...

Wow, what a powerful comparison! It blows me away the profound lessons the Lord teaches us through our kids. (It's so hard to let our babies grow up!)

This definitely sheds new light on how much God loves me and longs to spend time with me. Thanks, Lynn.

Thank you for your sweet words and prayers for my recovery. I'm doing great. = ) Thanks also for your kind wishes for my Momma. She's a doll.

Have a wonderful day, sweet one!


Laura said...

That gives me pause, Lynn. How many times do I put Him behind all these other things? :(

Your words about your daughter touch my heart. I think girls mature faster and fall into these social roles a little earlier. I'm still getting some laptime with my 10 year old little guy!

But it get less and less each year.

Growing up is hard for mom to do!