Friday, June 13, 2008

In the Cleft of the Rock

God's Word is alive and active. It amazes me that you can read something last year, or the year before... and read it again this week and it mean something completely different. God's Word is so practical and relevant to today.

I have read this story before. Actually I have studied it more than once. BUT... the other night it was completely new again. It meant something totally different to me. It was exactly what I needed that minute. God is just like that. Meets us where we are. Exactly when we need it.

Exodus 33 ends with Moses asking God to show him His glory. God tells Moses, "there is a place near me where you may stand on a rock. When my glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand until I have passed by. Then I will remove my hand and you will see my back; but my face must not be seen.

Beth said, "Is it possible that right now... when you feel like you are in a dark time, could it possibly be that God is passing by you and He has His hand over your eyes, hiding you in the cleft of the rock?? Could it be... that when he removes His hand you will be able to see His goodness and His glory as He passes by???

Wow!! That spoke volumes to me. I do sometimes feel like things seem dark right now. Could it be that God is passing by?? Could it be that the reason that I think it is dark is because His hands are covering my eyes so that His goodness and His glory can pass right by me... without me seeing His face... ?? Could it be that when the darkness fades, I will see His back?? Where He has been?? Believe me... I know that God is with me right now. I have such peace in my soul and in my heart during this trying time. But... to think that I am in the cleft of the rock as God chooses to pass so closely by me that He has to cover my eyes with His hand to keep me from seeing His face?? His goodness and His glory are passing by me. That I WILL see His back and His hand and His heart in the end.

Now, those are words to hold on to. Those are words that will keep me til the end. Is the Word great or what?? Can Beth bring it home or what??

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Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Lynn-I love this!! I can get so distressed when I feel it is "dark". That has been happening as of late. I have looked within my life assuming I am clinging to a sin that is clouding my view of Him. Hence what started my "mind fast" because I have been praying daily to see God, to see what He has in store for me as I go to the She Speak conference. I have been mind fasting to clear myself of any of the "unwanted" to allow more of Him. But maybe, just maybe, He is passing by, about to reveal Himself more fully as I have been praying!
I have goosebumps!!
Thank you for writing these words!!! I have been so blessed!!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thanks for your precious comment on my blog. I had to chuckle/smile when you said you see me everywhere you go.

The words you quoted of Beth hit me hard. Boy, it sure seems dark in my life right now. It's not so much the darkness but the mere loneliness and not understanding what is happening in so many of my relationships/friendships.

I've read over your words several times and I may be trying to analyze it too much because I'm wondering why is or would His goodness and glory passing me by. Rather, I want it to stop and shower me. I just don't understand why He's allowing such dark times in many of my friendships.

At any rate, it does give me peace to know that there is a reason in this dark time and that if it be because He will shine His glory on me, then so be it.

I look foward to visiting you again and "seeing" you on my blog.
In Him,

Amanda B. said...

"Is the Word great or what?? Can Beth bring it home or what??"

Yes and Yes!! My study, "Living Beyond Yourself" is overwhelmingly speaking volumes to me about the Power of the Holy Spirit. My favorite thing so far is when she said that God's Holy Spirit is so won't only change your life..."He can change you DAY!!"

That's the kind of power I need...Please! oh Please! God, change my Day!! Even when you are holding your hand over my eyes and protecting me to see beyond the darkness and feel the Holy Spirit's power to change my Day.

Thanks for if you, me, and my blog-friend Kimberly ( ever got together...I don't think the excitement could be held in the room...I can't wait until Heaven to celebrate these "robot-friendships" they have become very helpful to me and my spiritual growth.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This is a powerful thought. It stuck with many of my group the first time we heard it. If we could ever get our minds fully around believe his presence as our constant, rather than our occasional, I think our way of "doing life" would be radically changed. I rather like to envision the hem of his garment as it folds and envelopes my it swishes in stride with my steps.

Yes, Beth can bring it. But our God...He brings it better. He is far more than our eyes and hearts can see and understand.

Thank you for reminding me of this powerful teaching. I'll rest in it this day.


Regina said...

I'm with Elaine on this one. . . "Yes, Beth can bring it. But our God. . . He brings it better. He is far more than our eyes and hearts can see and understand."

And I'm thankful for this study from Beth, which is helping me to receive it from Him.

Today's lesson was about the Altar and the first sacrifice. It said that He lit the fire on the altar but it was their choice to participate and keep the fire burning.

Thanks, Lynn for being at His feet and willing to start Tuesday nights at your house. I'm glad He used you to stir the coals in my life. Thanks for being obedient. I have been blessed by your friendship, and by the new friendships I've made, but most of all there is a renewed fire in my soul to know Him.

Beverly said...

I am so thankful for the things God allows me to see and also thankful there are some things he's not ready for me to see until He is ready for me to.

Amanda said...

I'm feelin' everyone talking about this darkness around us these days. It is exciting to think that it simply could just be God doing what He is doing... and it's going to be amazing. I hold onto that with everything I got. Somedays that ain't much. But we keep holding on to Him... Amen?

I love that I can pop on and read others going through a spiritual growth process, and know I'm not going crazy... just learning to wait on the Lord!

I'm grateful you shared again, Lynn! Lovin' it!

Mariel said...

Thank you for this precious reminder that God's perspective of my trial is very different!! Hiding me in the cleft...I see darkness! Praise the Lord for the covering only He can provide!!

Amy said...

That is a home run for sure!
I love that visual...I am in a bit of a dark place myself right now, and I love that visual....It makes so much sense too....Because He is always with us.......Thank you for sharing that!
It's a thought to shed much needed light on my darkness!
God Bless,

Kelly said...

Thank you for this post, Lynn. It is funny how God tends to pair things together to make his point. I was just reading something else on this very same passage yesterday!! These are all amazing thoughts to ponder and to pray over. Yes, we may be in the dark cleft, sister, but it IS simply amazing and comforting to know that He is so close. Even better, in the end we WILL see his glory. ~Kelly

Tracy said...

I too remember hearing this teaching for the first time... Se also shares this on one of my Life Today DVDs. It has been such a powerful realization and one that I've considered over and over again... It's been several it was great to read this and be reminded afresh. Thanks, Lynn!