Thursday, June 19, 2008

Have I gone too far??

This will be short and sweet...

I think that I may have gone too far. This morning my little one found a picture of Beth Moore on an advertisement. She carefully cut it out and brought it to me. She said, "Here mom... you can put her on the wall in your room". Now... I just have to sit back and wonder... Have I gone too far??

I think that I will have to refrain from putting her up on my wall... since I share my bedroom with my husband. He knows how much I enjoy her studies (okay... love her studies, and her blog, and watching her on Life Today, and, and,) but I just don't think that he would give me his blessing to put her up on our bedroom wall!! What do you think??

Well... maybe I really haven't gone too far. I wish that I had known who she was when I was seven. It would have possibly changed a few things in my past.

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Amy said...

I love her too!
And like you, I wished I would have known who she was as a teenager....I could have learned a lot more "good" things from her than say Scott Baio or Matt Dillon.:)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Isn't Beth just the most gorgeous woman?! I mean I know she is so much more than that. She has so much talent, love, humor, but every photo I see of her she is just so stunning.

The photo to the left of Beth is appearing as an empty box. Maybe it will appear from work.

Tracy said...

I love that woman, too. Her teachings have been life-changing and her heart is so precious. I have often prayed that God would help me keep my love and respect for her in proper proportion to the love and respect I have for Him. What a privilege that God allowed us to live during the same lifetime and learn from such an amazing woman of God.

Regina said...

That is too funny (lol~really).
I have to say that is better than a Beth Moore closet. hahahahahah :-)

Don't forget ladies, it was God pulling her out of one pit after another that made her so wise. And without His empowerment her teachings would not be so life changing. He changes us thru her willingness to be used by Him.

Hang her on your bedroom wall. . . hahahahahah :-) . . . out of the mouth of babes. . . too funny!

Melanie said...

That's so funny. I was JUST saying to a friend a few hours ago that, in my 41 years of life, Beth is the first person I would have ever wanted to have an autograph from. I have half a mind to bring my "Believing God" workbook with me to the Deeper Still conference in Atlanta next week (that's the study that set my walk with God on fire).


Beverly said...

Exactly right. I wish I had someone like her in my life years ago too! I'm trying to catch up on many years that were lost to me because I was not shown what I was suppose to do when I gave my heart to God in 1979, but thank God He is boldy there now like never before and I'm learning SO much! and Beth is one of those stepping stones that is helping me to get to where my God is.

Mommyluann said...

I grew up Independent Baptist and we didn't hear much of Beth Moore. Now I'm in a conservative Southern Baptist and we use her alot. If you have to have a "role" model, she's a good one. I hear some ladies talking and it's like they "almost" worship Beth and not the Lord that she teaches. Lord help us to not view her in that way. We are hosting a simulcast this fall at my church. I think it's going to be greatly used to reach some ladies.
Love your blog by the way! Maybe I can have a photo of you for my wall? tee hee

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

amen! Checking in from She Speaks hotel room. Had a great weekend. More on that later. There's a bunch of Beth Moore groupies over this way too!


Kristen Schiffman said...

Isn't Beth Moore an awesome teacher? I love her teaching, her heart for Christ and her love for His Word.

She truly glorifies the name of Christ.

HIS Daughter said...


I so understand where you are coming from. I think we love her because wherever we were when we first did one of her studies or heard her speak, it hit a chord and it drew us to want more of HIM.

Beth was like the bestfriend/sister/mom whatever age we fall into, that calls or comes by with the greatest news ever - GOD really can and really wants to pull you out of a pit!

I know I fell on the floor sobbing when I started reading Get Out Of That Pit because as I told The Father, "She is writing my story!

Some of the people who work in the publishing world and actually the books - not workbooks and Bible studies - consider us to be "groupies" and they count on it because they know whatever she does is going to sell.

My nephew in law who has worked in Nashville for this publisher forever told me we are the Beth Moore Fan Club and I was offended.

I do look up to her and respect her and trust her in teaching. I have all of her Bible Studies and saw her at a conference.

I've gotten defensive with someone in my family who told me she wouldn't listen to Beth because her favorite minister/teacher said that Beth was wrong in teaching men in her Sunday School class..even though I explained to her that Beth always said she took no authority over them and her pastor at the time was in authority over her.

I know I would be devastated if the unthinkable happened and she had one of those scandal things! How I pray all the time that she will be protected from that because of how highly she is esteemed by women.

But I would still love The Father and I wouldn't stop. So that is clear in my mind, but I know if I see a magazine and it has Beth on the front I want to read it.

Oh well, I could do worse! I could have a Bible Teacher that says he knows everything and no one else has it right, including Beth. I would end up a narrow minded legalist and prideful on top of that.

Blessings and Prayers!

Lelia Chealey said...

Hello Friend!
I too love me some Beth Moore! You just can't leave her without feeling closer to God! I posted on her a few months ago under a post called These boots are made for...hiding.
Thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog, especially about my daughter. Tough stuff, but so worth it! When I got home from the conference I went & grabbed Amiyah out of her bassinet and kissed on her for a good 40 minutes in the middle of the night. Nothing like the sweet smell of a baby!
Thanks for blessing me today. I will definitely be back!