Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank You to Ms. Joyful...

So busy... I haven't even posted (my first try at typing that said "pooted") my Yes to God post on Ms. Happiness. There is so much in there. And there is so much going on in my house right now. Just know that I need your prayers and God's wisdom. It has to do with the post below on Wisdom and Warnings. If you have ever heard Beth Moore talk about "flagging" you know what this means, "I am about Six Flags over Georgia right now". So many red flags are flying around me. I am trying to find help... but it is hard to find. I need an inside track at Verizon Wireless.. one that is not afraid to save my daughter... and possibly loose their job. Know anyone like that?? If so, let me know. I hope to be back soon with my post on Ms. Happiness. I am so glad that my joy is not dependent on my circumstances. Real joy is from an inside source. Thank You Lord.

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Beverly said...

Hey Lynn, I am praying for you!!! in many areas. God will show you...stay in Him and He will show you...I know you wonder when, how, it will come! Our God is BIG and He will show you that when you are ready....I love ya!

Amy said...

I'm saying a prayer for you now, Lynn.

God Bless,

Regina said...

Hey Girl . . . didn't you just say to me a little while ago that things were pretty calm at your house and "you must not be doing something right cuz' the devil doesn't seem mad at you" . . .

Well you picked up your "Crown of Joy" AND you had the nerve to put it on!
Now I think he is mad.


That old devil . . . he's just gonna have to get over himself cuz' . . . "JOY COMETH!!"

Love ya Sister!

Regina said...

Oh yeah! And while we wait for JOY to "COMETH" we have "Abiding JOY" that we can rest in.


That devil, he don't stand a chance around here! And you know what I'm kind of enJOYing telling him so.

jcdisciple said...

I haven't been by in a while, but the Lord must have sent me over here to find this out. You are in my prayers, sister!!