Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes to God Tuesday... on Friday this time

This post is part of a book study that is going on at Lelia's blog. We are reading and discussing What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lysa Terkeurst. Awesome book!! This week we read chapters ten and eleven.

Chapter Ten Roadblocks and Reassurances

This chapter's timing was unbelievable. I was sitting... waiting... on an uncomfortable situation to take place between a neighbor and myself. I was so desperate to allow God to work in me to lessen the tension between us.... and I am not even sure how the tension got there. I have started this post several times... but I want to make sure that if my neighbor were to find this post that she would not be offended. Anyway... back to my story. I actually called my husband and my mom to asked for prayer as I drove to the place where we would end up being together. As I sat there waiting... praying.... begging God to help me to honor Him and to bring Him glory, I picked up my book to read. I had already read the first several pages of this chapter, but I decided to go back and refresh my memory with what I had already read. There IT was on page 97... the first sentence that I had underlined...

What enemy do you need to love at this moment? Maybe it's a neighbor, a prodigal child, an angry spouse, or an unforgiving friend.

Well... immediately I felt God's presence and His assurance that I would be able to honor Him in this situation. Things went great.

These next few statements really spoke to me as well...

We grow by embracing God's plans for the circumstances and allowing Him to have His full way in us.

Surrender what He is requiring from you.

This hard place you are in is not a distraction. You are not being sidetracked. This is His way.

He carried us into this hard place, this exile of sorts, and He will carry us back out.

It is such a comfort to know that the circumstances that I am facing... with my nieghbor, with my family, with everything in my life... God is there with me. Not only is He there.... He is carrying out His plan for my life. I find it easier to embrace the hard times when I know that He is growing me for His glory. I don't like all of the circumstances... but I know that they are actually FOR me.
What I often see as roadblocks are actually building blocks to make me more like His Son.

Chapter eleven God Will Make a Way

This next statement from Lysa is my new life motto... I know that it is easier said than done... but I WANT this.

Our feelings do not have to dictate our choices.

Her word picture that popped into her head as their case was dismissed in court brought me to tears...

One day Jesus will stand between us and our sin, and because of His blood shed on the cross we will hear, "Case dismissed!!". What a glorious day that will be.

This book has been an awesome study. If you are interested in what others learned from these chapters... click here

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Laurie Ann said...

Great post! I loved the part about our feelings not having to dictate our choices. It's so true! As women, I think we are a naturally emotional people, and we act on our emotions more than we should. I'm also reading Managing Your Emotions: Instead of Your Emotions Managing You by Joyce Meyer, which is so helpful.

I loved these two chapters! Weren't they great?!

I'll be praying for your situation. *Hugs*

BethAnne said...

Sometimes we let our feelings dictate our choices, but we shouldnt ---- I love that quote too. I have to admit I have not read that book, but I keep saying I am going to get it.......

Regina said...

I can relate to that emotion thing. I loose it over "skittles" more than I would like to admit sometimes. It would be nice to calm and in control no matter how chaotic things around me get.

Amy said...

I had never heard of that "Case dismissed!" word picture before. That is powerful!

I'm a very visual learner, so that really spoke to me.

Beautiful post!
God Bless,

Amanda B. said...


I am convinced that if You, Me, and Regina got could go on for hours!!!! I did not read your post until after I posted today...but Love and difficult people and situations are the theme for my life right now. Also, I am facing a situation next week where I have to "confess" some things to a dear friend. I have been praying and "fearing" the outcome for a while now, praying she will still love me and forgive me, knowing I have to obey in light of all that I have learned with my dad and my family, but fearing still. Your quote, "We grow by embracing God's plans for the circumstances and allowing Him to have His full way in us." is exactly what is happening to me in so many ways right now.

I keep feeling like my toddler...Okay, God, I'm glad that I'm having so many growth spurts, but OUCH!!! This is painful!!

Anyway, I could go on and on...but I thank you for sharing your heart!! You are a blessing to me!!

I'm going to have to find time to read this soon as I finish the three or four I'm reading right now, my blog reading, my two Bible studies, and so on and so on. I'm so glad we will have eternity to get to know God...I'm not sure it will be long enough!! :) Grin!!

God bless you, LynnPolkSC

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Amen! What a great testimony about surrendering to God's plan. Thanks for sharing the lessons you are learning and also their practical application in your life. Very Encouraging!

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, I've lurked for some time. Thank you for this post today!! I'm in recovery and God brought me here today to hear His words. Thank you for sharing.

Your sister in Christ,

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Lynn-your post is never too late and I am blessed to have been here today!! now to live out these chapters....grrrr! Life is tough when it comes to loving the unloveable.Only by God's grace!


In His Graces~Pamela

Mari said...

What an awesome post! Don't you just love it when God shows us how to apply His Word practically in our own life.

I too was moved to remember that our feelings do not have to dictate our choices.

I'm so glad God was with you in that situation, as He is in all situtations!

Kelly said...

Lynne, I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to read your blog today! It is so amazing to come to the place where we understand that difficult circumstances are really God's opportunity to show Himself and do some great things!

I thank God for you!