Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Jenna

Today is my Jenna's birthday. She is 14 years old!! Where has the time gone?? I can remember the day that she was born. It was very early in the morning when we left for the hospital. We had to drop her brother off at Brad's parents on the way. She made her grand entrance like a pro surfer... after only three little tiny pushes. Come to think of it... nothing has really been that simple since. I should have recognized it as a sign. She was the most beautiful little thing I had ever seen. She was so little... her head was so little... we called her "peahead". I know that there are times that she thinks that I don't love her, (please tell me that other teens think that to despite all the things that you do to show it) I know that there are times that she doesn't agree with our rules and our disciples... but I assure her often that it is BECAUSE we love her that we do the things that we do.

Happy Birthday Jenna!! I love you so much!! I am so proud to be your momma!!

** Two posts for Tuesday... that is certainly a record for me.**

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Runner Mom said...

Tell Jenna "Happy Birthday" from upstate bloggy land! Hope that y'all enjoy this special day. They grow up way too fast!!

Oh, you and Pink Shoe lady have a great time with your Bible study! I wish that I were closer!!
Love ya,

Tammy R said...

"Happy Birthday" to Jenna.

My daughter is 15 and there a times when she looks at me,you would think I have two heads.

So,when our church decided to have a parenting class,I was the first to sign up.The book we are using is'Age of Opportunity' by Paul David Tripp. It has helped me to handle and look at teen life differently,talks alot about the heart issues.

Anyway,I do think I remember my mom saying to me "I hope you have a daughter,just like you."

Not sure if that would be a curse or a blessing:)


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Yes, I wonder how many first time mothers have horendous labor pains but yet those pains are probably nothing compared to the pains of life that will come.

Happy Birthday Jenna.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Beautiful baby girl! She favors her mother, I think.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Jenna!:)

I'm sending some birthday love all the way from Crazyville!:)

Beverly said...

Yes, my teen has many times thought that too!

Happy Birthday Jenna and keep your chin up Lynn and keep Jenna lifted up to God (and she will come to Him) when all the other things she goes to show her the opposite of God's love.

I love ya and I'm so thankful to be a part of this Bible Study and I so look forward what God is going to do in all of us!

(check out that exclamation point ha-ha)!!!!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday to your baby girl!!!

Blessed by your last post as well... thank you for typing all that out! It's like cliff notes! Thanks for sharing all that! So good to read, full of good things... wow. Thank you!

BethAnne said...

She is beautiful! 14? Ooohhh, time just flies doesnt it?