Thursday, May 15, 2008

MommyFest Contest

I thought that this would be fun... and it enters me into a contest... So here goes..

5 Things about this Mom

1. Today is my 21 wedding anniversary. YEAH!! Go God... I have to give Him the credit. Many times it has been Him that held things together.

2. I work full-time as a X-Ray tech. Love my job. Only wish that I could do it from home so I wouldn't have to leave. I work third shift.... and many times I am up for 24-28 hours before I get to go back to sleep. More Yeah God!! Only by His power.

3. I am a grocery gamer... that means that I cut coupons and save at the very least 50% on my grocery bill. If you want to know how to do this too... visit here. My last grocery day I bought $268.00 worth of groceries for $135.00 Yeah God!! Thank you for leading me to do this.

4. I am addicted to Starbucks lattas. I have teased them before about putting "crack" in them. There is absolutely no other reason that I could be that addicted to them.

5. Okay... this is probably something that most of you that read my blog regularly already know... I am a Beth Moore freak. I can hardly go a day or two without either listening to her on a CD, TV (Life Today), DVD, or at the very least reading something from one of her studies or her books. Love to do her studies. Can't get enough of her. I do enjoy doing other studies too... but she is my favorite, hands down.

Thanks for reading about all of my little quirks. Have a great day.

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Melanie said...

Well, happy anniversary (a day late). I was trying to comment yesterday, but google must have been having problems. Hope you both enjoyed the day.


Regina said...

Thanks for the grocrey link. I've been meaning to get that from you but I always to forget to ask.

Beverly said...

You've had some great blogs this week. thanks for sharing.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Ahhh...but do you have a Beth Moore closet to contain all your resources? My husband built me one two years ago and it is full of her studies, etc. Of course, other junk is crammed in alongside, but it is affectionately known as the Beth Moore Closet.

I want to be a grocery gamer. Heading over now to check it out!


Amy said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! (I will have been married 17 years on May 18th.) Congratulations on 21 years!:)

I love Beth Moore too!:)

It was great getting a "peek" into you!:)

God Bless,

Melanie said...

Hey Lynn,
Thanks for the comment. You're such an encouragement. I so enjoy reading your blogs. I hope you enjoy A Woman's Heart... It's been one of my favorites. We're all just a bunch of Beth Moore groupies, aren't we?

My cup runneth over... said...

Great stuff and a fun read! Happy Anniversary! = ) How great that you love your job so much. = ) I love learning new money saving grocery tricks...thanks! So far, I've been able to avoid Starbucks fixation...I do, however seem fixated on "Diet Coke." I completely share your love for Beth Moore. = ) I never tire of her insights. What a gift!

Hope you win the contest! Happy weekend! = )


Amanda said...

I loved this post. Can't wait to check out the coupon gaming site.