Friday, December 26, 2008

A teachable Spirit...

It is never too late to learn new things. I had to work Christmas night. I usually work 12 hour shifts... but on holidays we only work 8 hours. So... I didn't have to be a work until 11pm. I had enjoyed my day, had my 4 hour nap, and was ready to leave for work around 10pm. I remembered that earlier in the day my son asked if he could use my car to go pick up his girlfriend. Of course, this is because he needed to conserve his gas. I get my gas for free... so using mine in no big deal. NOT! I told him that I wasn't sure how much gas I actually had... so please make sure that I had enough left to get to work and back that night, because I expected that gas stations would probably be closed on Christmas day.

Right as I was getting ready to walk out the door, my son called on the phone. He told me that he knew that he left me on empty... with the gas light on.... and if I met him at the gas station he would be glad to pump my gas for me since it was so cold outside. I thought... well, isn't that nice of you since you were suppose to do that earlier in the day. Anyway.... I asked him if there were any gas stations opened?? After all... it is Christmas day!! To this question he replied,

"it won't matter, as long as you use a card you can get gas anyway."

Now... I am an adult. I have been driving for a lot of years!! And I knew how absurd this was. Of course you cannot get gas from a gas station that is closed!! I don't know where he would get such a crazy idea!! I would be lying to you if I told you that I was kind-hearted about all of this. Here it is... 10pm.... I have to be at work in one hour.... my gas light is on... I have a 60 mile round trip to make.... it is Christmas day... and the gas stations are closed. Now what??? Truth be known... I was pretty ticked.

He was so insistant. Within minutes he was home. He kept insisting that I follow him to the closest gas station. I muttered ugly things all the way to the car. I couldn't wait to prove him wrong. I wasn't sure how he was going to be able to fix this... but it was his fault... and it would have to be his problem to solve.

There is a little gas station less than one mile from my house. As I followed him down the road... he pulled in to this CLOSED gas station. So... I followed him in and pulled up to the pump... at this CLOSED gas station. He proceeds to get out and use his gas card in the pump.... AND to my absolute amazement.... He pumped me $5 worth of gas. At this CLOSED gas station!! I humbly rolled down my window and told him how sorry I was.... I was wrong. He was right. You can get gas from a CLOSED gas station. Who in the world would have thought that??? My next question was.... Who in the world figured that out??? What crazy person pulled into a closed gas station and tried to get gas???

Totally amazed!! Totally wrong!! Totally humble!! Totally able to make it to work with gas from a closed gas station.

Now... if you already knew this... I don't even know what to say. Maybe it made headlines one day, but I didn't get the paper. Maybe it was on the 6 O'clock news while I was watching something else. But to my little mind... this seemed to be something that was impossible.

I thought about the need to have a teachable spirit.

Proverbs 1:5 says,

"let the wise listen and add to their learning"

Now... I will be the first to bow out of the "wise" catagory... but I need to be willing to add to my learning. Even when it comes to learning something as absurd as getting gas from a closed gas station. Can you tell that this has totally turned my thinking upside-down???

God desires for us to have a teachable spirit. Learning through HIS teacher... whether it be my 18 year old son, my pastor, my friend, my enemy, a complete stranger, and well.... He can even speak to me through a donkey if need be. Am I open to what God desires to teach me?? Whether it is something I want to hear or not?? Or have I stopped desiring to be taught???

I thought about the times in scripture that Jesus desired to teach someone something... but they rejected it. Like the rich man in Matthew 19. He came to Jesus and asked what good thing he must do to get eternal life. He was looking for the easy answer. What he got was something that he didn't want to hear. Jesus first told him to obey the commandments. What a funny question came next.... He asked, "which ones?" He assured Jesus that he had kept all of these. (which I find hillarious, had he really???)

Then Jesus presses him just a little more... he told him,

"if you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

Scripture tells us that when the rich young man heard this, he went away sad. This is not what he wanted to hear. He didn't want to get it. He didn't want it to be about anything more than rules... certainly not about giving up something that meant a ton to him. Following Jesus. Not about following the rules.... but giving Him your heart. What you love most. Leaving all for Him. Allowing Him to teach you what is really important. To Him. Teachable.

Oh... I pray that I never stop being teachable. No matter what teacher He sends my way. No matter what THE teacher sends my way. I want to remain teachable. Forever learning more about Him.

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Tammy said...

A great teaching lesson.

I didn't know you could get gas from a closed gas station.I find myself in those humbling moments with my daughter from time to time.

Libby said...

That post was wonderful. It is so true. I lead Praise and Worship with the children at our church and so many times I think I am missing "church" because of it. But there are so many times that I learn more from them than they do from me. They can see God so clearly without all of the things of the world getting in the way. Alot of times I pray for a child's heart, so that I can see Him more clear.
Thanks for the lesson!!

Angela said...

I am often found saying to other's, 'this is a teachable moment from God'. Just wanted to let you know I've emailed you, two actually, and I've prayed that it hasn't gone to the junk mail. lol. I commented to your comment on my blog about my spiritual journey with weight loss. I've also done Weigh Down, but my journey this time Lyn, was not with any book, seminar, teachings, workbooks, etc,but God's Book, His teachings, His 'workout's,,It's been a journey of Him increasing within me, and everything and anything that is NOT from Him that is on me, in me our around me, decreasing and being released from..
((hugs)) Blessings beloved sister.. I shared in the email, I do believe without a doubt it was not by chance that we have's a God thing!

Anonymous said...

How cool it that??? I always love to learn lessons from my children. Praise God you were able to say "sorry" to your Son. That's the part of the lesson where you taught him :-)

Beverly said...

Thanks Lynn for reminding us that we need to remain teachable and be always ready to hear Him when He speaks to us. I really needed to read this today.

Amy said...

I did not know that about gas stations either.;) Good to know.

And what a wonderful post and lesson here, Lynn. I need to practice listening for Jesus through others...even donkeys, amen? ;)

I definitely have so much to learn in my walk with the Lord. Especially during the circumstances that don't go "the way" I think they should have. He is still in control...even when the circumstances don't follow my "plan," His plan is still in place.

I pray that you and your family have an abundantly blessed new year!

In Christ,

HIS Daughter said...

Girlfriend you are preaching the word! My, my, my...that is good!! I needed to hear that this day and everyday!

You are a rare jewel, Ms. Lynn! You are willing to share what GOD teaches you from every humbling rare you just sparkle!

Most people want to share what they know that GOD has taught them...but they don't want anyone to know about the scars from the lesson learned.

You are precious! Thank you for the bloggy award I hadn't seen and thanked you for! I'm bad about reading blogs and making "mental notes" to go back the next day and post comments.

My "mental notes" are not as legible these days with less estrogen and they get erased and a blessing thought never makes it to blessing someone on their blog for being an encouragement.

Love you and love your heart for HIM! You keep that heart open to HIM and HE is going to keep filling it up everyday. HE promised :-)

Laura said...

Oh, my goodness, Lynn. I just learned something new today!Who would have thought? But this lesson really hits home with me today. I have just returned from visiting the relatives in my hometown and have been deeply moved at the ways God revealed Himself to me.

Happy New Year!



Sue said...

Hi Lynn, I found you through your comment on Wellblog. I enjoyed reading this post. I did not know you could get gas from a closed gas station. I wonder if there are some where you can't, though.

Have a Blessed New Year,
Sue, from Keeping my Branch Connected to the Vine and A Corner Garden

Anonymous said...

I had emailed you a while back for Teri-I mailed out the CD's for her while she was helping out her ill sister-in-law. Even though that had been a while back...this is my first time visiting your blog. I found your post wonderful. Even though I don not myself have any children...I am hard headed and I know "all of it" finding things that I was wrong about hard to acknowledge...Today you have pointed out something that I need to work on...something that I have been doing all of my life that is not pleasing to God.

Many Thanks for your thoughts

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I have wondered the same thing but wasn't sure how the pump would know if a card was being used. I guess if you insert a card it will pump but without it it won't pump. I wouldn't even know how to pump and pay with cash. Maybe you have to prepay with cash for gas at any time. I guess if I knew how the cash part worked I might have been able to figure out the cc part during closed hours.

At any rate, many of the gas stations are open during Christmas day around these parts. I even stopped and got chips and pop at one. I noticed Walgreens was open and parking lot full. I thought about going in to just brouse around and kill time that evening but opted not to.

Teachable moments are wonderful opportunities.

What a wonderful time to be taught and humble to be wrong.

What a wonderful gesture that your son did attempt to make his wrong right but pumping it for you.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

YOU, my friend are absolutely WONDERFUL... I JUST LOVE YOU!!

I just found out awhile back that you can get gas when the station's closed too. Crazy huh? But I love that how you handled it afterwards with your son. Our kids need to see we're only human, and that we can mess up too.

My hubby and I have this thing where when one's right and thee other is wrong we make the wrong one say it. LOL Me: You were right and I was wrong. Hubby: WHAT?.. I CAN'T HEAR YOU?!* Me: (LOUDER)-USUALLY much louder* "YOU WERE RIGHT,... and I WAS WRONG!!!!" Then we bust a couple guts and go on. ;)
I'm so happy to have met you in 08 and look forward to gettin to know you better Lynn in 09; God willing!
You're a blessing! I know you do your bible studies at home, but I have to tell you, you have an incredible ministry "here." I have learned alot from you. Thankyou. ;)