Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Choosing Thankfulness...

Okay... this post is out of left field.

And... I haven't even posted my "Yes to God" chapter post yet.... but I just had to cut the shower off and come back downstairs to say this....

I love a quiet house. I love to get up before everyone else in my family. It allows me time to spend time with my Lord... and do a little housekeeping without distractions. So... almost everyday I get out of bed first. Anyway... everyday when I go back upstairs to shower, I find the same thing.

My sweet husband has pulled up and straightened up the covers on the bed... AND turned it back down a little before putting the pillows on top. My mind always wants to get my feathers ruffled a little bit. I hear this in my head, "what is the point ????... leave the covers straight and put on the pillows and the bed will be made". But then I hear in my heart, "Lynn, be thankful that he did that much". I almost always find myself laughing at the situation. Then, I thank God for reminding me to be thankful... and I finish making up the bed. Being thankful is a choice. We can make it... or not.

I can promise you that I never go into my 18 year old son's room... or my 13 year old daughter's room and find the bed ALMOST made up. Never.

Anyway... whatever is threatening to cause you a little stress today... choose thankfulness.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says:
"Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus"

Through Christ... I can be joyful and thankful every morning as I finish making up the bed that I share with my faithful husband of 21 years... I realize that many can't say that... and I choose to thank God for my husband, the halfway "made up" bed, and the gracious reminder to thank Him.

Hopefully, I will be back this afternoon with my chapter post for "Yes to God".

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Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thank you, Lynn. As I read this, I thought that would probably be something that would ruffle my feathers also. But, oh what I wouldn't give today, to be in that situation. What I wouldn't give to have the opportunity to choose to be thankful for something I would consider half done. I pray one day I do have that opportunity when God brings His child and my beloved back to the throne and thus back to our commitment. May the Lord forgive my heart for oh how I covet the wives of many. Oh how I covet the special union that so many men and women have and with such longevity. It is very rare to have such a marriage with 15 + years.

Thank you for this reminder to choose thankfulness in what I do have. I tell ya though honestly, at times it is very hard to be thankful with that deep pain always there. I can thank the Lord for many things He's provided and done for me, yet it's like a cloud or a ever present heartache that clouds the explosion of thanksgiving.

Thank you for interrupting your shower to tell us this. I know the Lord is please with you for making the choice to be thankful for your husband's efforts. I bet if you asked he would have a rhyme or reason to the way he does that. I found many times with my beloved that he just thought differently but yet still have a reasoning for his ways. I say it's the X chromozone. :-)


Tammy R said...

Love you post..I can so relate.
There are times,many my husband would say,that I seem to miss place my joy.

But I knew a lady,my mom,who was always joyful no matter what the cicumstances were.
On my blog I wrote about one of those circumstances,click on Feb. the story title is Joy of the Lord.


Sandra said...

I can relate. I used to complain about my husband helping me with the laundry. He would wash clothes and then dump everything on our bedroom floor for me to put away. But like you, I chose to be thankful that at least he's cut out some of the time it takes to laundry around here.

Um, you wouldn't happen to have any more of those Hot Tamales? Just Kidding! I'm trying to be good! Loved that comment - made me laugh out loud.


Melanie said...

Thanks for the reminder, Lynn. I've been feeling rather frustrated with a friend lately but, the fact is that I am truly more thankful to have this friend in my life than I am frustrated over what's really minor in the bigger scheme of things.


Amanda said...

Good to read. "Choose thankfullness". I have a WONDERFUL man. And yet, I too can still find something to belly ache about. Thanks for posting this encouragement!!! Blessings!

Amy said...

I just wrote those same verses down yesterday.
And this morning when I saw what my 13 year old's bedroom looked like........I needed to read them again.:)

Yolanda said...

Attitude of Grattitude....thank you for the precious reminder. My husband is so well at helping that I, honestly, brag on him a lot. But I'm sure he needs to hear it even more!


Amanda B. said...

A few years ago God began to teach me the valuble lesson of intentional living. I realized that every thing in this Christian walk is a choice and a decision...not a feeling. I wish that I always acted according to my understanding of this principle, but alas, I fail often. But I hold to this truth:

Love is a choice and an action.
Faith is an action.
Joy is a choice and an action.
And Thankfullness is definitely a choice and an Action.

Thanks for the reminder.

Kelly said...

This is one of those things that I cannot be reminded of enough. I know it, but I fail too often.
Thanks for sharing.

HIS Daughter said...


I just love you and your heart! It's real and it's loving. You are your Father's daughter!

Keep being real and transparent. It strengthens so many!

Thank you for the encouragement on my blog. You are such a blessing!

Blessings and love!